SunRide provides Out-of-Home advertising and marketing opportunities for sponsors and free Eco-friendly transportation to the community.

SunRide is an awe-inspiring and revolutionary outdoor marketing platform, which combines a form of advertising that focuses primarily on helping consumers experience a brand with a free transportation service for the community of South Florida.

Featuring a cutting-edge fleet of the latest generation of fully-branded electric vehicles, SunRide provides memorable Out-of-Home advertising and marketing solutions for companies and agencies seeking for an alternative to conventional advertising media, such as radio, television, magazine and newspaper in an ecologically sensitive way.

SunRide maintains four main areas of focus:

OOH Advertising (Fully-Branded EVs, Mobile Billboard Advertising)
Event! Experiential Marketing
Product Sampling
Street Teams

The marketing activities performed by SunRide enable personal connections between brands and consumers by creating real life experiences that are worth sharing thus, tend to generate a deeper level of emotional engagement.

They also increase awareness of a product, drive word of mouth, encourage consumer interaction with brands (in real-world and digital), boost interplay in the social networks, influence purchasing decisions, generate sales leads in the short term and can align internal audiences with business goals at a relatively low cost. Also, our most creative fully-branded EVs, create a bun in the local media, such as newspapers, news channels and magazines.

Professional Service

We keep our vehicles in pristine condition and use a mixture of the latest LED illuminated signage and vehicle wrapping technology to ensure that your message is communicated in the most effective way, while our design and coach building team can fit a variety of options for our EVs enabling you to create a tailored vehicle for your campaign or event.


SunRide are much more than mobile billboards. They actually do something, not just they drive around in circles to attract eyeballs, a practice that is not well embraced by many. Besides being green rolling billboards, SunRide can also carry samples and promotional staff, but most important, they provide a fun, safe and free ride to the community.

SunRide The vibrant, colorful and eye-level ads in Rideons are impossible to miss and leave a lasting impression on pedestrians, motorists and passengers alike.

The Free Ride

SunRide would take passengers wherever they want to go within the designated areas, just like a taxi, but without the fare. There are no set stops nor fixed routes. Pedestrians can easily request a free ride by simply flagging down a SunRide anywhere on the roads or by calling (305) 709-0800

The Experience

Once aboard a SunRide, each riding passenger receive vast information on a specific product, service or featured event. They would also get free goodies, discount coupons for venues such as retail stores, restaurants and local attractions, snacks and even free passes to top local nightclubs. .

As SunRide emit zero gas emissions, are street and silent in operation they can be placed virtually anywhere, indoors and outdoors.

SunRide produce thousands of interactions daily, engage consumers in virtually any setting and leave lasting impressions.

Included in the SunRide package are the following:

Custom fabrication and operation of the fully-branded electric vehicles (SunRide) that are unique, creative and innovative.
The latest LED illuminated billboards and vehide wrapping technology to ensure that your message is communicated in the most effective manner.
Brand Ambassadors: Drivers who are knowledgeable of your campaign message. Uniforms included
Digital Integration: The latest tablet technology with fast and reliable intemet service in SunrRide allows sponsors to integrate their ongoing digital advertising campaign, encourages digital interaction with brands, boosts interplay in the social media sites, plays looped video presentations, manages consumers database and performs as an on-site photo booth for instant posting of pictures and videos– showing your brand –to the top social networking sites.
Mobile Points-of Sale (POS): Sell anything just about everywhere.
Looping Video Presentations: Custom video playing inside each vehide.
Sampling/Collateral: Handouts of flyers, brodiures, or branded collateral to each riding passenger.
FREE 100% Electric Transportation: Free, green transportation that connects your brand with the community.
Vehicle maintenance, repairs, parking and charge. Keeping all of the systems on-board at peak operating efficiency.
A multi-million dollar insurance policy for your peace of mind.
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