Make Impressions. Stand Out. Impact.

The open eye-catching curved styling and Eco-friendly electric battery operation of SunRide draw a curious crowd wherever they go. They can accommodate up to six passengers at a time and can be fully customized to your specific needs. The outside of the vehicles are stylishly wrapped in advertisement while the inside are outfitted with state-of-the-art technology such as premium sound systems, HD displays for looped video presentations and the latest generation of tablets to encourage digital interaction with your brand and boost interplay in the social networks.


Over 100 sq ft of space for advertising.
All-electric / battery operated
Can be fully-customized
Routes are assigned according to your promotional needs

Perfect Placement. Awareness.

Seatback ads are bold media formats that are directly in sight of passengers throughout their entire trip, so they would be perfect to set your campaign message. Also, the inclusion of social media elements on the creative allows passengers to interact with your brand throughout their journey.

For seatbacks, we use the highest quality of car wrapping materials that are weatherproof to ensure lasting and vivid graphics.

Seatback Dimensions:

Height: 33″ in. Width: 18″ in.
Four (4) seatbacks per vehicle.
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